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    Tuesday, January 29, 2019   /   by Troy Marsh

    The Deep Freeze and what you should do to prevent busted pipes

    ashley marsh
    With subarctic temps on the way we need to talk about what to do to help prevent freezing and busting pipes. Here are a few simple tips

    1) The Slow Drip - Make sure all of your faucets are on and slowly dripping. The movement of the water will help prevent the pipes from freezing

    2) Cabinet Doors - Open all of the doors to the cabinets that the plumbing runs through; especially if it is on an exterior wall. This will help heat get to the pipes.

    3) Small Heaters - If you have small electric heaters and can set them in the basement or in front of the sink cabinets it will help keep everything heated.

    4) Keep the Heat Up - Keep the furnace heat up a bit higher than you may normally keep it at night. A few cents on your electric bill is far less than repairing a busted pipe.

    5) Fans - Reverse the spin on ceiling fans. This helps pull the hot air up and circulate it around.

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